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a piece of的用法 a piece of的意思

a piece of : 解析:  a piece of 通常放在不可数名词前面作定语,根据与其搭配的名词不同,可译成“一张,一块,一首,一条”等,如a piece of glass / wood (一块玻璃 / 木头);a piece of bread, cake, meat(一块面包、蛋糕、肉);a piece of chalk(一支粉笔);a piece of land(一块地);a piece of paper(一张纸);a piece of advice, information, luck, news(一个忠告、一条信息、一件幸事、一条消息);a piece of furniture, jewellery, luggage(一件家具、珠宝、行李);a good piece of work(一部好作品)。例如:
Take a piece of paper and write down what you have to do. 拿一张纸,把要做的事写下来。
Whenever someone throws in some rubbish, it produces a piece of music. 无论什么时候有人往里倒垃圾,它都会奏出一段音乐。
Suddenly a piece of beautiful music came to my ears. 突然我听到一首美妙的音乐。
注意:  如表示复数,就在piece后面加-s,如two pieces of advice(两条建议)。另外,还要注意a piece of 修饰的名词作主语时,谓语动词用单数,pieces of 修饰的名词作主语时,谓语动词用复数。例如:
A good piece of news is reported in today’s newspaper. 今天的报纸刊登了一条好消息。
Two pieces of advice on how to learn English well were given by him. 他提了两条关于如何学好英语的建议。