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a pair of的用法 a pair of的意思

a pair of : 解析:  a pair of 用来修饰可数名词复数,可以是物,也可是人。指物时,往往是相同或左右对称的两个部分组成的一件物品;指人时,常指关系密切的两个人,如一对夫妻,有时也可指共同做事的两个人,还可指雌雄一对的动物。a pair of可译成不同的汉语数量词,如a pair of shoes (一双鞋),a pair of socks (一双袜子),a pair of tights (一双裤袜),a pair of trousers (一条裤子),a pair of ear-rings (一对耳环),a pair of gloves (一副手套),a pair of glasses (一副眼镜),a pair of scissors (一把剪刀),a pair of compasses (一把圆规),the happy pair (= the newly married couple)(新婚燕尔的一对夫妻),a pair of swans(一对天鹅)。例如:
Miyoko had bought a pair of leather tennis shoes before she went to Beijing. 美代子在去北京之前买了一双皮质的网球鞋。
I think I need a new pair of tennis shoes. 我认为我需要一双新网球鞋。
注意:  “a pair of +复数名词”作主语时,谓语动词的数常与pair的数保持一致。如果因再次提到而需要用代词来代替时,要用it 来代替这一短语。例如:
There are two pairs of compasses on the table. 桌上有两把圆规。
This pair of trousers is too long for me. Can you show me another one (= another pair).这条裤子太长了。能再拿一条给我看看吗?
An old pair of gym-shoes was found in the gym. Is it yours? 有人在健身房里发现一双旧运动鞋。是你的吗?